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Why a Butt-Out Bin?

Do you have an area that is just riddled with cigarette butts, that just never seems to be tidy? Then a Butt-Out bin outdoor ashtray is the answer for you.  With it's solid frame, stainless steel shell and easy mounting capabilities, here are just a few reasons why a Butt-Out Bin outdoor ashtray can be a real and cost-effective solution for your problems and also demonstrate your concern for the environment.

  • Elegant designs which don't take up much room, are obvious but not obtrusive, and have no rough edges.
  • Cigarette-butts are not accessible once inside the unit.
  • Cleaning, with a safer alternative of the key latch system, is so much easier and no foreign objects are handled.  The Jumbo Mark II Canister bin is emptied by removing the canister.
  • Vandal proof, when bolted to a wall with tamper proof bolts from Butt-Out.
  • Easily installed.
  • Two convenient sizes, two designs and four finishes, even the option of powder-coating in your company colours and your logo.
  • Delivered within 5 working days of order.
  • Fits neatly on a wall, pole, handrail or as a freestanding unit.
  • Can be installed to your existing rubbish bin.
  • Australian owned company.
  • A health and safety product


When a Butt-Out bin is in place, the normal cases of dirty, cigarette ridden footpaths (left), are a thing of the past. Taking the litter from the ground, and into the bins, Butt-Out bins not only make your area tidy and well presented (right), they also help maintain the environment, by stopping the rubbish finding it's way into the homes of nature's animals, and destroying their world, as well as our own (below). While being friendly to our environment, and keeping everything tidy, a Butt-Out bin is very easy to mount just about anywhere. Whether it be on a wall, or on a simple post, the options are endless. Click HERE for more details on how Butt-Out Bins can be mounted.

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