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Butt-Out Bins

Outdoor Ashtrays from Butt-Out Australia

Etching on Bin FaceMounting BracketKey Lock to Release Base Flap DorrStainless Steel Case
 Jumbo Bin

Large Bin

Canister insert






  • Unit fabricated from high-grade stainless steel
  • Highly polished finish for graffiti resistance
  • Tamper proof, key-operated & spring loaded flap door or
    stainless steel canister insert secured by a padlock
    allows for non-contact emptying
  • Sturdy Mounting bracket for wall or post mounting.
  • Optional finishes include -
    "Evershine" chrome finish
    Black Onyx (black chrome) finish
    powder-coated to your colour
    include your logo 

Whether it be a jumbo Butt-Out bin, or a large one, the effectiveness the Butt-Out bin outdoor ashtray bring to any area is remarkable.

Made from stainless steel, the Butt-Out bin outdoor ashtrays are strong and sturdy, withstanding the everyday effects of outdoor and public locations. The highly polished stainless steel finish not only make the Butt-Out bins look attractive, but helps cleaning of the bins, as well as having a high graffiti resistance which results in less maintenance.

Not to be mistaken for a waste bin, the Butt-Out bin outdoor ashtrays have obvious logos etched into the faces of each bin, with "Butt Out - Thank You" shown, which give a clear message for people to kindly ash their cigarettes, using the Butt-Out bin.

Key Lock for extra securityFor further security against theft and vandalism, the Butt-Out bin outdoor ashtrays come equiped with a drop down door flap located at the bottom of the bin. For easy maintenance and cleaning, the flap door, simply drops open to release any contents of the bin for cleaning.

With the strong mounting brackets on the back of every Butt-Out bin, the bins can be mounted where ever the best location is. Whether it be mounted onto a pole (right), or onto a wall (left), the Butt-Out bins look neat and tidy which ever method used to mount them. If you decide that the Butt-Out would look best mounted onto a pole (right), then we can supply poles included in your order at a small extra charge. See Pricing for more details on obtaining poles.

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