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Here's what some of our clients have to say about the Butt-Out Program

With the support of the tobacco manufacturers, we recently undertook significant research into smoker’s attitude to cigarette-butt littering and found that a key element in changing smoker’s littering behaviour was to make it easy for them to dispose of their butts. Another clear message from our research was that specifically designed Butt-Out Bins that were hygienic, aesthetically acceptable, easily identified and which reduced the risk of fire, would be used by the vast majority of smokers."
National Executive Director
Keep Australia Beautiful Inc. Canberra


 "Mr Eric Williams and his team at Butt-Out have come up with the answer to the unsightly, unhygienic, and uncivil practice of cigarette litter. Butt-Out Australia rent or sell bins specifically designed and constructed for cigarette litter. While smoking remains widespread in our society, Butt-Out Bins will provide a safe, economical answer to the quandary in which smokers often find themselves ‘where to extinguish and dispose of their cigarette.  KAB does not condone smoking, but we commend Butt-Out Australia for coming up with the solution to cigarette litter".
Chief Executive Officer
Keep Australia Beautiful Council Qld Inc

"I am pleased that Victorians have embraced this new initiative which will reduce the amount of cigarette-butts being washed into our bays and waterways."
Minister for Conservation and Land Management

"Provision exists under the Environmental Offences and Penalties Act 1989 to prosecute or issue a penalty notice to a person guilty of depositing refuse in a public place without lawful authority. Prosecution carries a maximum fine of $300 and a penalty notice carries a fine of $200. In line with our strategy to educate rather than enforce, Council’s Law Enforcement Officers are giving informal verbal warnings to smokers who are observed discarding cigarette-butts inappropriately.
You will be interested to know that we have found that the provision of appropriate, accessible receptacles is just one part of the equation in reducing cigarette-butt litter. Our experience shows that the success on new items to collect cigarette-butts will depend upon informing potential users of their availability and gaining widespread support for their use".
General Manager
City of Sydney

"This Council is most supportive of initiatives that are likely to improve the environment and the Butt-Out Bin appears capable of doing this by minimising the impact of littering. The design of the bin is also acceptable to the Council".
Manager Community and Recreational Facilities
Gold Coast City Council

"In order to ensure that public access is available for future generations, the Brisbane City Council has developed a range of environmental protection strategies. Your company’s initiative, through Butt-Out Bins, would of great assistance in addressing this problem and I would like to offer the Brisbane City Council’s support for your product".
Lord Mayor
Brisbane City Council

"The City of Melbourne wishes to congratulate you and your company for introducing ‘Butt-Out Bins’ at strategic locations across the CBD. The introduction of the bins also complements a new Council sponsored ‘Clean City Campaign’. The ‘Butt-Out Bins’ will provide a simple and effective means by which property owners and managers, with the assistance of your company, can make a positive contribution towards ridding yourselves of this litter problem".
Lord Mayor
City of Melbourne

"The Butt-Out Bins have been well received by the traders of the centres where they are installed. The Butt-Out Bins are becoming an integral part of actions being taken by Moreland to reduce litter throughout the Municipality".
Manager Waste Services
Moreland City of Council, Melbourne

"The introduction of the Butt-Out Bin to our stations has been a big winner. Customers appreciate the presence of the bins and are depositing their cigarette-butts in them. Our staff are happy because they have a solution to an extremely unpleasant cleaning problem.
Manager Projects
V/Line Passenger, Melbourne

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Butt-Out Australia for the introduction of the Butt-Out Bins. In these environmentally conscious times, with the trend of smoke free working environments, it is a great initiative to addressing the litter problem of cigarette-butts.  Since the recent installation of receptacles at the entrances to number of TAB outlets in the Metropolitan area, there has been significant improvement in the general appearance to the shop fronts".
General Manager
Wagering – Sales & Marketing
TABCORP Holdings (Vic) Pty Ltd

"Just a short note to tell how well our Butt-Out Bin containers are working and that we hope to purchase some more in the near future to assist in keeping our Centre clean and tidy".
Operations Manager
Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre, Victoria

"It is now some 6 months since the installation of the Butt-Out Bins at all entrance to our Centre. From day one we noticed ready acceptance from our smoking customers to Butt-Out as they passed the bins and prior to entering our doors. Our cleaner, the one who really know how well they are accepted, says that they have made his job much easier and is surprised at the number of responsible smokers who make use of these bins, many thanks for the invention".
Centre Manager
Strath Village Shopping Centre, Bendigo

"Follow the 12 month trial of your Butt-Out Bins throughout the University, I feel obliged to write and congratulate Butt-Out Australia for their introduction. Since commencing the trial there has been a significant improvement in the general appearance around the entrances to our buildings".
University of Technology, Sydney

"It’s hard to believe that almost 12 months has passed since the bins were installed at our Brunswick and North Melbourne sites. They really have been an asset to the campus environment and our cleaning staff have been glowing in their reports of the success of the bins. The campus environs, particularly in the immediate vicinity of entry points to buildings, are noticeably cleaner and free from unsightly cigarette-butt litter. After 12 months of operation the bins still look as good as new in spite of having been exposed to all extremes of Melbourne weather".
Site Co-Ordinator
RMIT Northern VET Sites, Melbourne

"Just a note to tell you that the Butt-Out cigarette bins have been very successful. Stubs have virtually disappeared.  They look good and have not been stolen up to now. Obviously well built and designed".

"At the Bendigo store we have been using the Butt-Out Bin for some time now. During this period we have found that the amount of cigarette-butts being littered on the ground has dropped considerable. The mess with sand/kitty litter is no longer necessary and the ease of cleaning and maintaining the bins is appreciated by staff members who do it. I have no doubt that these will benefit such stores due to the ease of cleaning and simple design".
Managing Director
Hungry Jack’s

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